Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc.

Our mission is to promote the coordination and consolidation of paratransit services for persons of low-income, elderly and disabled individuals in eastern Connecticut.

Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)


The Department of Social Services (DSS) and Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) are working together to improve employment opportunities for low-income TFA/TANF eligible individuals.


Bus service enhancements have been made in eastern Connecticut and other services included are:


Public transportation services (i.e. free bus passes), taxi rides and mileage reimbursement for employment related activities.


Car-based solutions ranging from car repairs, registering your vehicle, licenses, insurance, etc. for qualified individuals.


Contacts for these programs are:


Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc

Tel:  860-848-5910

See:  Rides for Jobs


Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board

Tel:  860-859-4100

Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board (EWIB)