Text Box: “Rides for Jobs” is a program of the Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board with funding provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services.



ECTC is the Eastern Connecticut Regional Transit Collaborative broker.  Our role is to arrange cost effective employment-related transportation for eligible individuals in the region.



Services are available to TANF and TANF eligible individuals who meet the income guidelines listed below and are referred by an employment and training system Caseworker.


Note:  All services provided are contingent upon available funding.


(The Car Based Solutions portion of the program is available to current TANF Recipients ONLY)














Transportation can be provided for employment or employment related activities like job search, orientations, workshops, job clubs, and meetings with Caseworkers, Employment Counselors, etc. and to childcare while the parent is attending any of the above.




· Caseworker establishes individual’s transportation need and submits, by mail or fax, an Eligibility & Referral Form (FORM A) along with a Transportation Request Form (FORM B) to ECTC.

· ECTC will analyze the transportation need and match it with available services.  If no service exists an ECTC representative will try to develop a cost-effective option.

· Once it is determined what services can be provided, the Caseworker will be notified by fax or telephone.  They would then relay this information to the participant.  The participant MUST call the assigned provider to confirm ride.

· All contacts with ECTC are done through the individual’s caseworker.  Participants should not be calling ECTC directly.



· The RTC requires a 2-hour notice in the event that a client wishes to cancel a ride.  Cancellations with less than a 2-hour notice will be considered a “No Show”.

· The Caseworker will be notified in the event of a “No Show”.  This notification will be made after the first incident and any subsequent incidents.

· Services will be suspended after 3 “No Show” incidents.  The suspension shall remain in force until the Caseworker or ECTC representative reauthorizes service.

· Rides are free for all job-related activities for a LIMITED TIME.  The cost of the service will be deferred to the individual after that and will be based on the type of service provided.

· Anyone transporting children ages 4 and under to childcare may be required to provide a car seat.

· Children can be transported to\from childcare only when the participant is going to\from an employment related activity.  Participants must travel with their children.




The Program can assist an eligible individual whose automobile is used for employment with repairs, incidentals (i.e. licenses, emissions, registrations, etc.) through the  “Car Based Solutions” component of the program.  All requests for “Car Based Solutions” must be submitted to, and approved by, ECTC prior to being performed.




· The Program will cover 90% of repair or incidental costs (participant to cover 10%) up to $700 lifetime maximum.

· Participants must be able to cover their 10% plus any remaining costs for any repairs or incidentals above the $700 maximum.

· All automobiles being repaired must be registered to the individual and insured.












Reimbursement is available to TANF & TANF eligible recipients using their own car or carpooling to get to work or job search (only).


Reimbursement rate will be determined by trip distance.


There is a $25/day cap.

Transit Referral Guide (resource guide for case managers)

Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc.

Our mission is to promote the coordination and consolidation of paratransit services for persons of low-income, elderly and disabled individuals in eastern Connecticut.

Providing transportation to eligible individuals for employment related activities including jobs, job search, interviews, job clubs, etc.

Information: 860-859-5791

Fax: 860-859-5796

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Rides for Jobs Program

Family Size        75% SMI(month)       

1               3,386.96

2               4,429.10

3               5,471.24

4               6,513.38

5               7,555.52

6               8,597.66

7               8,793.06

8               8,998.46


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